Committee Members

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Adm Sir Ian Garnett PRESIDENT Active, Amazon  
Morgan Phillips CHAIRMAN
Ship's rep
Active 2
Active, Arrow e-mail
David F Woollard VICE CHAIRMAN
Ship's rep Amazon 1
Amazon e-mail
Mike Townson Ship's rep:
Ambuscade 1
Ambuscade e-mail
Gareth Thomas SECRETARY
ship's rep: Active 1
Active e-mail
ship's rep: Arrow 1
Avenger, Arrow, Active e-mail
Members of the Type 21 Club Committee,
Reviewed at AGM meeting 6th October 2012
Ship's rep: Alacrity 1
Alacrity e-mail
Peter Mosse CAPTAINS’ LIAISON Ambuscade e-mail
Charlie Peace Ship's rep Alacrity 2 Alacrity Avenger Amazon e-mail
Roger Baker Ship's rep Antelope 1 Arrow Antelope Amazon Alacrity Ambuscade Avenger e-mail
Ivan Cullum Ship's rep Antelope 2 Antelope e-mail
David F Woollard TREASURER
Ship's rep Amazon 1
Amazon e-mail
Cliff Cowling Ship's rep Amazon 2 Amazon e-mail
Phil Nevet Ship's rep: Avenger 1 Avenger e-mail
Sam Potts Ships rep Ambuscade 2 Ambuscade e-mail
Jan (Allan) Joyce Ship's rep: Ardent 1 Ardent e-mail
Rattler (David) Morgan Ship's rep Avenger 2 Ambuscade Avenger e-mail
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